About Us

Meet our team of world-class experts.

Xavier E. Bethune

Chief Executive Officer

Xavier Bethune leads the company’s operations, with responsibility for ongoing expansion efforts into emerging markets. In his previous role with Continental Airlines, he served as Operations and Procurement Director, where Xavier was directly involved in the supply chain and logistics discipline, including supply chain, operations, facilities, accounting, customer service, inventory, transportation, logistics, production, and materials.

Xavier was responsible for the company’s increasing development and expansion efforts into high-growth, emerging markets both domestically and internationally.

Before joining Continental in 1992, Xavier served as Marketing and Sales representative for Rolls Royce, where he was instrumental in growing revenues for the $2 billion global organization over a five-year period. While at Piedmont Airlines during the 1980s, Xavier led the company’s Technical Planning, Procurement, and MRO in a senior position. Xavier also sat as a Board Member of the United Way during the term of 2008–2013.

Robert Pineda

Chief Operating Officer

A 25+-year entertainment industry pro, brings his depth of experience with top players in the entertainment industry such as Ray Charles and Bob Newhart. As Manager of Ray Charles Enterprises and Director of Special Projects for that organization during the last ten years of Ray Charles’ life, Pineda was heavily involved as liaison for the critically acclaimed motion picture, “Ray” and the Grammy® Award winning “Genius Loves Company” CD.

Pineda also oversaw daily operations for this American icon, including coordinating Charles’ busy national/international tour schedules.  Pineda also supported Mr. Newhart with his live performance touring of North America.

Pineda utilized hands-on operations acumen, major industry contacts and management experience as the General Manager at RADD®; The Entertainment Industry’s Voice for Road Safety where he furthered RADD’s mission of saving lives by utilizing media advocacy, coalition building, and edutainment products to achieve safer roads and supporting the worldwide successful media campaign “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.” Robert Pineda has brought his unique experience in management and organizational skills to the team at the ASTN Group, Inc.

Rommel Martínez

Chief Technology Officer

Rom has over 24 years of experience in Computer Science and Information Technology. His expertise includes software engineering, systems administration, programming language design, and artificial intelligence research.

He has worked for companies in the domains of natural language understanding, unstructured data processing, and symbolic artificial intelligence. Additionally, he has also worked for electric power distribution companies, where 24/7 availability of systems were crucial to operations.

He loves to write articles and essays about software, languages, and philosophy on his blog. He is also an advocate of physical fitness and loves to do kettlebell training, calisthenics, and play golf.

Rom currently resides in La Union, Philippines with his wife Jem and son Veda.

Rich Eusebio

President Aero Division

Richard Eusebio will serve as Executive Vice President of ASTN Aero division.  His bolstering Composite sales force and Supply chain for the domestic and international regions will bring in growth for ASTN.  Richard will report directly to Xavier Bethune, President ASTN Aero Division Business Units.  Richard has an extensive background in the MRO sector with prior experience as Director of Sales for Texas Air Composites and Vice President of Sales & Marketing  for AirReady MRO Services.

Prior to his extensive MRO experience, Richard served in various management capacities (Supply Chain and Maintenance) while working with the airline industry for both US Airways and Continental Airlines.  With his extensive knowledge of the airline industry and MRO experience, he will bring a depth of knowledge and provide immediate contributions to the team.  He is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a BS in Aviation Management with licenses in both airframe power plant and commercial pilot single and multi-engine. 

Richard currently resides in Houston, Texas along with his wife Tricia of 20 years.  Richard is an avid golfer and enjoys attending sporting activities with his three children, Gregory, Malaya, and Derek.