Advancing Businesses Through Technology Breakthroughs

We are a collective of experts across multiple disciplines striving to build products and services that reshape industries.

The Company


ASTN Group, Inc. is an organization of world-class professionals that offers consulting, products, and services across a wide range of clients and market demands. It our duty to understand the business of our clients, to help our clients identify their business needs, and to provide the services that will help them achieve their business and quality control goals.

We offer a full range of assurance, maintaining safety protocols while following a strong quality control services to clients operating businesses abroad as well as those headquartered abroad who seek our services in the U.S. markets. From international business structuring to audits to complex regulation matters, our professionals bring the ASTN standard of best-in-class service and expertise to the domestic and international arena.


Valmiz brings AI systems that will change the way we do things, from the airline industry; financial systems; and military applications, to name a few.

Aero Division delivers first in class procurement services and operations for airplane parts from landing gear, pneumatics, hydraulics, and accessories.

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